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Harmony Farm



Located in the
town of Waddington, New York
273 Randall Road

Greg & Deb Kalicin

315 569-6144
Harmony Farm
273 Randall Road
Lisbon, NY 13658

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Our mission at Harmony Farm is to protect the 

Honey bees (Apis mellifera) 

and to produce the finest quality of honey and 

promote the use of honey for consumption and good health. 

We believe in employing integrated pest management practices (IPM) 

along with alternative, non-chemical treatments to reduce the 

contamination of our honey and to maintain good honey bee health. 

Responsible management practices today, protect the environment for tomorrow.


Summer has arrived!

Our bees are out in the field hard at work gathering pollen and nectar to  make the best honey


Save the American  honeybee,

Buy Local Honey!




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